Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan (p) Limited was established in 1917. In a world that seeks modernity, Baidyanath constantly reminded India’s oldest tradition of healing, offering its ancient way of treatment to the world. Baidyanath has maintained a high standard for its products through strict product testing and quality checking procedures.

Baidyanath is the true legacy of Ayurveda. With the years, Baidyanath has buildup goodwill and still maintaining it. People believe in ayurvedic more than ever before.

If you are looking for an ayurvedic solution for your problem, Baidyanath is the perfect solution. Buy 100% pure ayurvedic Baidyanath products from the online Baidyanath store at Buy Baidyanath Ayurvedic Medicines and great deals at

Baidyanath provides the purest form of ayurvedic products and we make them available at the lowest price for you. Visit to get a wide variety of Baidyanath products at the lowest price. 

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  1. Baidyanath Maha Manjishthadyarishta

    Special Price ₹103.50 was ₹115.00
  2. Baidyanath Arvindasava

    Special Price ₹93.60 was ₹104.00
  3. baidyanath Dashmul kadha

    Special Price ₹139.50 was ₹155.00
  4. baidyanath vasarishta

    Special Price ₹111.60 was ₹124.00
  5. Baidyanath Pushyanug Churna

    Special Price ₹43.20 was ₹48.00
  6. Baidyanath Ayudant Toothpaste

    Special Price ₹45.00 was ₹50.00
  7. Baidyanath Him Sagar

    Special Price ₹63.00 was ₹67.00
  8. Baidyanath Liver-X

    Special Price ₹199.00 was ₹210.00
  9. Baidyanath Hemo-X

    Special Price ₹195.00 was ₹210.00
  10. Baidyanath Giloy Juice

    Special Price ₹139.00 was ₹150.00
  11. Baidyanath Karela Jamun Juice

    Special Price ₹325.00 was ₹350.00
  12. Baidyanath Aloe Vera Juice

    Special Price ₹232.00 was ₹250.00
  13. Baidyanath Ratan Giri Ras -7%
    Out of stock

    Baidyanath Ratan Giri Ras

    Special Price ₹115.00 was ₹124.00
  14. Baidyanath Chandrodaya Varti

    Special Price ₹30.00 was ₹33.00

551 Products found

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