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  1. Multani Ashwagandha Capsule
    Multani Ashwagandha Capsule
    As low as ₹74.00
  2. Multani Arjuna Capsule
    Multani Arjuna Capsule
    Special Price ₹69.00 Regular Price ₹75.00
  3. Multani Amalaki Capsule
    Multani Amalaki Capsule
    Special Price ₹65.00 Regular Price ₹70.00
  4. Multani Saubhagya Sunthi (Pak)
    Multani Saubhagya Sunthi (Pak)
    As low as ₹88.00
  5. Multani Guduchi Satva
    Multani Guduchi Satva
    As low as ₹33.00
  6. Multani Shankh Vati
    Multani Shankh Vati
    As low as ₹56.00
  7. Multani Sanshmani Vati
    Multani Sanshmani Vati
    Special Price ₹26.00 Regular Price ₹28.00
  8. Multani Lavangadi Vati
    Multani Lavangadi Vati
    Special Price ₹51.00 Regular Price ₹55.00
  9. Multani Lashunadi Vati
    Multani Lashunadi Vati
    As low as ₹46.00
  10. Multani Kutaj Ghan Vati
    Multani Kutaj Ghan Vati
    As low as ₹73.00
  11. Multani Khadiradi Vati
    Multani Khadiradi Vati
    As low as ₹36.00
  12. Multani Chitrakadi Vati
    Multani Chitrakadi Vati
    As low as ₹34.00
  13. Multani Chandraprabha Vati
    Multani Chandraprabha Vati
    As low as ₹45.00
  14. Multani Arshoghni Vati
    Multani Arshoghni Vati
    As low as ₹64.00
  15. Multani Arogyavardhini Vati
    Multani Arogyavardhini Vati
    As low as ₹80.00
  16. Multani Shankhodar Ras
    Multani Shankhodar Ras
    As low as ₹93.00
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Items 1-16 of 203

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Multani Pharmaceutical Limited (Analytical Division) is one of the most trusted name in North India while Laboratory is providing its technical support PAN India to several National & International customers in their R&D and Quality Control needs. They have a dynamic & experienced team of Ph.D., Post Gradates and Gradates in different Sciences streams.

Multani’s Laboratory is designed in above 6500 SF Area according to the current requirements of Environment, Health and Safety. Chemical, Instrumental and Micro-biological Laboratories are well separated to avoid cross contaminations. They are equipped with most Advanced Techniques/Instruments according to current regulatory and statutory requirements.

They do extensive analytical research in Herbal (Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathic & Veterinary) Drugs for active ingredients and contaminates. Almost all products of Multani Pharmaceutical Limited are listed on Readyforshop.

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