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Madhukalap Vati

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Divya Madhukalp vati is made from herbal remedies that help indiabetes natural cure. It consists of herbs that are found to be most effective natural remedies for diabetes

The burgeoning number of individuals suffering from Diabetes is a worrying factor as this ailment is now common in the young and old, alike. Divya Madhukalp Vati helps regulate blood sugar levels, helping Diabetes patients lead a healthy and good life. Divya Madhukalp Vati imbibes the medicinal properties of Jambu, Katuki, Nimba, and Karavellaka to reactivate pancreatic functions that helps secrete insulin in the required quantity. This in turn leads to the absorption and conversion of blood glucose into glycogen, reduce blood sugar levels. Common complaints, such as frequent urination and hunger pangs also reduce due to the regular intake of Divya Madhukalp Vati in prescribed quantities. Excessive blood cholesterol levels can be effectively reduced with the Divya Madhukalp Vati

Mode of Administration:
This can be consumed one hour before breakfast and dinner or after breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water or milk. If patient takes insulin or allopathic medicine, then he should test the level of his blood-sugar two weeks after the intake of this medicine. As the level of sugar becomes normal, the dose of allopathic medicine should be reduced gradually.
After the stoppage of allopathic medicine, when the level of blood sugar is reduced and becomes normal, the dose of this medicine should also be reduced gradually.

Divya Madhu Kalp Vati ingredients are:
Finely powdered form of the following: Amrita, Jambu (black berry), Katuki, Nimba, Kirata Tiktaka (Chirayata), Gudamara, Karavellaka (bitter gourd), Kutaja, Go-kshura, Karcura, Haridra, Kala-megha, fruit of Babbula, Krishna Jiraka, Ativisha (pungent variety), Ashwagandha, Bilva, Triphala (a collective name for Haritaki, Bibhitaki & Amalakl) and adventitious roots of Vata, Shilajatu, Methika, etc. 

Divya Madhu Kalp Vati is a very beneficial herbal remedy for various types of ailments. This is known for its ability to help the pancreas in conversion of extra glucose into glycogen so that it can be stored in the body for further use. This is a excellent remedy for the patients suffering from diabetes in which they cannot convert the glucose into glycogen.

Therefore it is useful for everyone as in addition to this it is also having various other beneficial effects. As when is regularly used it reduces the chances of occurrence of diabetes in individuals who are prone to develop it.


1 - 2 tablets, twice a day.

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