Einstein for Everyone

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Einstein For Everyone is a book on popular science, explaining the theories of Albert Einstein and other scientists in layman’s terms for readers of all backgrounds.

If art was just for artists and music just for musicians, there wouldn’t be much of a market for either in this world. Then why is it that theoretical physics is assumed a realm only to be touched by the mathematically fluent? This book seeks to explain the General Theory of Relativity and other profound discoveries made by the most intelligent man in history in simple terms so that everyone can appreciate his work. The book uses 33 images and over 100 graphics to help readers understand the real science behind the hype. Readers will understand other theories from physics, and they will learn about the Big Bang, the origin of the universe, Quantum Mechanics, Supernovae and more! This is the book for all those who are in awe of the wonderfully vast universe.

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