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Ekangavira Ras


Ekangveer Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form. It is used in the treatment of paralysis, sciatica, facial palsy etc. This medicine contains heavy metal ingredient, hence should only be taken under strict medical supervision. 

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Ekangavira Rasa is well known for its ability to boost immune system and help a patient overcome generalized weakness and debility. Ekangavira is also found to be very useful in various types of chronic as well as acute diseases. This immune system booster is beneficial for the treatment of various types of fevers. This also builds up immunity within the body . it is a herbal medicine for infections. Ekangavira benefits in a number of diseases resulted from Vata Dosha as the most common of them paralysis whether it may be hemiplegia or paraplegia. Is an excellent remedy for facial paralysis and then greatly boost immune system.

This is a rich source of strong anti-oxidants with no detectable adverse effect in lower doses of therapeutic range. It is also reported for treatment of Leucoderma. Besides, many metabolic disorders such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis, nervous diseases etc are now established free radical mediated diseases. Since in ayurveda there are very specific methods for the detoxification and preparation, which makes it suitable for clinical use in therapeutic doses. This is very useful in managing liver disorders, gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) disorders, old age diseases, Leucoderma, cardiac problems and various other free radical mediated disorders, either alone or as herbo-mineral compositions.


Ekangavira is extremely beneficial in paralysis.
This is used in indigestion, flatulence and loss of appetite.
Ekangavira is also very beneficial in facial paralysis.
This also brings about the mental strength in the body.
Ekangavira helps in various diseases resulted from Vata.
Ekangavira also helps in building a stronger immune system.
Works in treatment of various types of fevers.
Ekangavira works as a rejuvenator for the body.
Ekangavira helps in replenishing the lost components into the body while recovering from any serious illness.
Brings about calmness in mind.


It is used in the treatment of Facial palsy, paralysis, hemiplegia, sciatica, cervical spondylosis, Brachial neuralgia and such other neuro-muscular conditions.


125 – 375 mg once or twice a day,  before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor. It is traditionally administered along with fresh ginger juice extract and water.

side effects

Self medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous, since it contains Mercury as ingredient.
Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time, as advised by doctor.
Over-dosage may cause sever poisonous effect and diarrhoea.
This medicine is not suitable during pregnancy, lactation and in children.

Shuddha Gandhak, Rasasindoor, Triphala Kwath, Kantaloha Bhasma, Trikatu Kwath, Vanga Bhasma, Nirgundi Kwath, Naga Bhasma, Chitakmool Kwath, Tamra Bhasma, Ardrak Swarasa, Abhrak Bhasma, Shigru Kwath, Teekshna Loha Bhasma, Kushtha Kwath, Shunthi, Amalaki Kwath, Miri, Kuchala Beej Kwath, Pippali, Akarkarabh Kwath.
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