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Gangadhar Churna

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This herbal preparation is known of being Kapha - Vata shamak means it is hot by nature, action is stronger and removes Kapha and Vata by nature & due to this capability it helps in expelling Intestinal gases, prevents fermentation & activates digestion and thus improves appetite. It also works on Intestinal obstructions. 

Divya Gangadhar Churna is well-known in curing Sprue Syndrome, Diarrhoea and Dysentery. This powder is helpful in regulating the bowel movements. It also works well to prevent ailments associated with diarrhoea. It has strong medicinal properties that help take instant action against intestinal gasses and prevents fermentation. It is a good formula to activate digestion and improve appetite. Divya Gangashar Churna is a herbal preparation that contains Nagarmotha, Indra jou, Belgiri or Bel, Lodhra, Mochras and Dhayephul. It is a powerful pain killer as well as anti-inflammatory product. Its regular dosage or as prescribed by the physician, helps in preventing the diarrhoea and dysentery quickly.

Divya Gangadhar Churna benefits are

Divya Gangadhar Churna also brings about the clearing of the airway thus helping in a sustained and regular breathing rhythm.
Divya Gangadhar Churna also benefits in heart pain resulted by nervous constriction.
Divya Gangadhar Churna works as an excellent antispasmodic.
Divya Gangadhar Churna is known to aide in digestion.
Divya Gangadhar Churna is useful in all sorts of diarrhea and dysentery.
Divya Gangadhar Churna is also known to bring about the benefits in various types of colic and hepatobiliary disorders.
Divya Gangadhar Churna is also known to cure hiccoughs, nausea and vomiting.
Divya Gangadhar Churna is also known for its abilities to bring about the digestion of toxins in the body.
Divya Gangadhar Churna also helps to cure frequent urination or urges to urine, pale urine with lower back ache and nocturia.
Divya Gangadhar Churna regulates the tension and brings about relaxation and balance.
Divya Gangadhar Churna has affinity for the lower abdomen it can also help ease the pain of dysmenorrhea and menstrual cramps.

ingredients of Divya Gangadhar Churna
Indra jou
Belgiri or Bel

1-2 teaspoonfuls twice a day with water

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