Go Duster Motorized Auto Cleaner

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  • 3 dusters with removable handle
  • 1 Multipurpose spray
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Cleans all kinds of surface in very short time

Go Duster makes tidying quick, simple and fun! It's a handheld, totally cordless, battery worked turning duster that grabs clean like a magnet. It gets into difficult to achieve zones, complies with all shapes and sizes and gives you a chance to clean without moving anything, sparing you time and making your life less demanding. At the touch of a catch, the Go Duster's removable head turns at 250 revs for each moment, making a friction based electricity charge on the a huge number of tidying fingers, getting the clean like a magnet. Here's the reason you ought to attempt the Go Duster for yourself!

Adjusts to all shapes and sizes, gives you a chance to tidy without moving anything Makes it simple to clean things, for example, blinds, furniture, gadgets, glass product and sensitive decorations, plants, roof fans and difficult to achieve places It is lightweight and impeccably adjusted Has 3 diverse measured heads: Extra-ache for achieving those difficult to get at spots Medium set out toward general cleaning Mini-Head, awesome for the auto, PC consoles, and littler thing When you're done essentially wash it under running water and it dries comparable to new The Go Duster can be utilized with typical cleaning surface showers to build its viability Go Duster chops down your cleaning time, diminishes exertion required, makes cleaning fun.

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