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Hot shape Pant/ Tucker Pant Size_Large

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  • Promotes Weight Loss By Preserving Body Heat And Stimulating Water Loss During Exercise.
  •  Very Soft Neoprene Fabric Scientifically designed to promote weight Loss.
  • Slim waist tummy and tights.
  • Increase your core body temperature - Improve your overall well-being..Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent.

Hot shape Pant/ Tucker Pant Size_Large

  • It offers you some assistance with losing abundance body weight speedier than any time in recent memory.
  • It works awesome and is anything but difficult to use in ordinary body life. It helps in expanding center temperature of your body.

  • It helps in thinning down your tummy, waist, stomach area and thighs. It helps in boosting your wellness schedule.

  • In this way, Hot shaper makes an impeccable day by day wellness wear to lose your weight quicker than at any other time.

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