Portable High Pressure Automatic Car/Bike Washer

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  • Material: Good quality ABS plastic & metal
  • Tank capacity: 16L
  • Power source: 12 V Car Cigarette lighter connector
  • 40Watts motor powered diaphragm pump
  • Working pressure: 2.0-6.0kg/cm2
  • With speed and spray regulator
  • 6 Meter Hose
  • Safety Filter for Motor
  • 3 Meter Power cable connected with car cigarette lighter connector
  • Size/Dimension : 38 x 32 x 30 cm
  • Weight : 3.1 kg

Portable High Pressure Automatic Car/Bike Washer Description: The Portable High Pressure Automatic Car/bike Washer is ideal for cleaning around a car/bike without moving yourself from the distance of 10 feet. It can be used for gardening & agriculture, weed killers, pest control, nursery, sanitary, construction, and so much more.

The washing brush with a internal fan nozzle can spray water while brushing the car/bike. The hose with strong power gun for powerful water pressure. Features :

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