Divya Estri Rasayan Vati

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Divya Estri Rasayan Vati is a combination of natural herbs and helps in the treatment of all the signs and symptoms that are experienced by women during menstruation


Estri Rasayan Vati is a natural product for menstruation problems in women. It is a great herbal remedy for menstruation problems. Girls who suffer from irregular periods may take this natural herbal remedy. It consists of natural herbs that are found to be effective for all menstrual problems in women. All the herbs in this remedy are natural. It is a wonderful natural remedy known for its beneficial effects on optimizing normal menstrual functions in women. Estri Rasayan Vati is a wonderful herbal product for menstrual irregularities in girls and women. This natural remedy helps to balance the hormones and promote normal functioning of sexual organs.


Divya Estri Rasayan Vati helps supporting and balancing hormones in females.
It is considered a rejuvanator and female tonic in Ayurveda
It helps in strengthening female reproductive system


tablet in Morning and Evening with lukewarm water.

FAQ’s on Divya Estri Rasayan Vati:

Who all can use this vati?

As most of the activities produce by this herbal preparation are on the female system so this vati is mostly prescribed for female patients.

Does it alter the menstrual cycle?

No it is not known to produce any side effects. But it helps in its appropriate regulation. Moreover it helps in relieving the cramps, colic pains and various other symptoms associated to the menstrual cycle.

Does it have any side effects on pregnancy?

No it is completely safe for pregnant women too. It is not known to produce any ill affects on pregnancy.

When should it be used in the menstrual cycle and what is the most appropriate dose?

It is to be used a week for the beginning of the menstrual cycle. One must have 1 tablet twice a day with lukewarm water.

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