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Zandu Chyavanprash

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Zandu Chyavanprash

Zandu Chyavanprash

DESCRIPTION -Its high Amla content, a rich source of Vitamin C together with other nutritional herbs helps in building body resistance against common ailments like cough and cold, weak digestive system & promotes all round physical and mental health.

INGREDIENTS-Chyavanprash (Avaleha) is prepared from: Amalaki (Fresh fruit) 156 parts, Ghrta 12 parts, Madhu 6 parts, Iksu (Sarkara) 146 parts, Quath dravya: Dashmoola 10 parts, Astavarga (Pratinidhi) 8 parts, Agaru, Vasa, Bala (mool), Svetacandana, Ela, Guduci, Haritaki, Sati, Karkatasrngi, Draksa, Kamala, Jivanti, Masaparni, Mudgaparni, Musta, Pippali, Puskara, Raktapunarnava, Vidari, Kakanasika, Tamalaki 1 part each, Prakshepa dravya: Vamsa (Vanshlochan), Chaturjata 4 parts each, Pippali 2 parts, Lavanga 0.5 part.

DOSAGE-1 to 2 teaspoons every morning preferably with milk or Zandu Honey.

Benefits of Chyavanprash : The nutaits a tonic which strengthens the constitutions of an individual. It comprises health enhancing herbs build prevent aging. Rich in anti-oxidants it contains the goodness of Ghee enhances the medicinal properties of the herbs. The fruit of P. Embilca is given to ally the effects of aging and to restore the organs. In an ayurvedic medicine, the fruit juice is given to strengthen the panoreas of diabetes. The juice is also given to treat eye problem, joint pain and diarrohoea and dysentry. P.Emblica is a Rasayan. A regular usage confers longevity and weight gain. It improves blood picture. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. It features in a 7th century Ayurvedic Medical text. The sage Muni Chyavan reputedly restored his vitality with this fruit. Pharmacology : Diuretic, Antacid, Laxative, Diaphoratic and Tonic. Therapeutic Benefits of using Chyavanprash : Useful as a nutritive in Phthisis General Debility Cough Hoarsness of voice Debility of Old Age etc It contains large quantity of Vitamin C content in Amalak. Ingredients : Amalak Pippali Vansalochan Lavanga Twak Ela Kankola Ghrita Sugar. Dose : 5 to 20 gms to be taken twice a day with milk.

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